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Nioh: How to Carry More Elixirs


Nioh: How to Carry More Elixirs

How to Carry More Elixirs – Nioh

Elixirs are going to be your best friends in Nioh. The game’s many challenges and brutal difficulty level mean you’ll be reaching for these health potions fairly often. That said, it should always be your goal to carry more elixirs, and here’s exactly how you can do that.

As you enter one of Nioh’s regions, you’ll start off with three elixirs. If you find more throughout the area, you can pick them up and carry them. However, if you stop and rest at a shrine, you’ll be taken back down to three. In order to increase your elixir carry cap, you’ll need to collect Kodama. These green souls can be found hidden across Nioh’s world, and for each five you find, you’ll be able to hold one more elixir after resting. You can check out our Kodama location guide here for help with that.

Keep in mind that this will reset per region, so if you collect 25 Kodama in the Kyushu region, you’ll be able to hold five more elixirs. If you move to another region, you’ll be back at three.

That’s all you need to know to carry more elixirs in Nioh. Good luck!

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