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Nioh Kodama Locations: How to Find Them All


Nioh Kodama Locations: How to Find Them All

Isle of Demons Kodama Locations

Hidden throughout Nioh’s many locations are Kodama, small green creatures that offer up buffs to the player as they are rescued and returned to shrines. Another perk of finding these little guys is you’ll get an extra Elixir slot for every five that you save, allowing you to heal more between shrine visits and making your life easier. This guide will help you find them all so that you can be ready for anything.

Each area has its own collection, so we’re going to break the locations down, starting with Nioh’s first area: Isle of Demons.

1 – The first Kodama is found almost right after you reach Japan. Just climb the hill, kill the enemies in the area and you’ll see the little green guy sitting near a shack.

2 – The second is found by swinging around and making your way towards the first shrine you saw when you reached the island, only keeping to the upper area. Go past it and you’ll find a ladder you can lower for a shortcut, just in case you need to get to the shrine or happen to die. Push the ladder down, climb it back up and follow the left path. Eventually you’ll be able to make a right, where you’ll see a tree at the end, just before a cliff. The little green guy can be found next to this tree.

3 – Continue through the Isle of Demons until you reach the second Shrine. Head to the nearby archers, kill them, and drop down the ledge to their left. Follow the path to the right, making a right turn when given the opportunity. Climb the hill and search the grass near the huge tree on the hill.

4 – Continue on until you reach a locked gate. Face the building with the large Yokai in it then head left down a small path you’ll see there. To the left of that path is a fence where the Kodama is standing.

5 – Now go beat the Yokai in that building before and get through the locked gate. Before advancing too far keep an eye on the left ledge until you find an area you can drop down to leading to the roofs of buildings. The little green fella is on that ledge you can drop down to.

6 – Continue through the first area and you’ll reach a large village with a tower that you have to climb. As you climb you’ll start being attacked by a ranged enemy. Start heading for that annoying fool but keep an eye on the floor. Part of it breaks and he’s just trying to lure you into a trap. Make your way around it, then kill the foe. Look across from the enemy’s location to locate the next Kodama on another roof. Make your way down to the street and into that building (remember where it is), then onto roof from inside.

7 – In the same village, head to the two archer towers and drop down to a roof on the left side of them. Follow it to locate the little green creature on top of a small shack.

8 – Now continue on and you’ll eventually exit the village and see a body of water before you. Make your way down to the shore and look left, paying close attention to the water. You’ll spot it bobbing in the water.

9 – Continue through the Isle of Demons until you reach the large gate that leads to the boss. Head right and and you’ll find a small path with the Kodama waiting for you.

These are all the locations of the Kodama hidden in the first area.

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