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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Deathbringers Easily


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Deathbringers Easily

How to Beat Deathbringers Easily – Horizon Zero Dawn

Deathbringers are by far the most powerful machines you’ll come across in Horizon Zero Dawn, so we’ll walk you through how to beat Deathbringers easily. These unearthed ancient weapons have a wealth of offensive options that can wipe you out faster than you can draw an arrow. As such, you’ll need to stay on your toes, move around quickly, and exploit Deathbringers’ habit of overheating.

With a repeater cannon turret, flamethrower, grenade launcher, gun turret, swarm launcher, and heavy cannon turret, Deathbringers aren’t short of offensive options. As such, it can be difficult to know what distance to keep from one. Keeping your distance will see you bombarded with projectiles, and if you try and dance around Deathbringers up close, they’ll pummel you with bullets and can crush you with their giant legs. The safest option you have is to keep your distance, and try and get to higher ground. If you can find some cover, this will also be useful, though Deathbringers can demolish this with a few blasts from their grenade launchers, so watch out.

Now that you’re in position, beating Deathbringers is a game of patience. Make sure you have plenty of fire arrows and bombard them with these. It doesn’t matter where you hit for now, though all of its weapons are classed as weak points and will deal greater damage. As your fire arrows are landing, you should see a little thermometer gauge slowly filling by its health bar. Once this fills completely, ensure you’ve got all of the weak spots highlighted with your focus.

You now have two weaknesses you want to aim for on Deathbringers when they’re overheating. Four Cooling Rods will emerge on the top of Deathbringers as they try to rapidly cool down. Switch to your Precision or Tearblast arrows and bombard these rods with blasts. If you’re struggling to hit them, press R3 to use Concentration to zoom in and slow down time. Hitting these will cause high damage and the machine to overheat faster.

Your alternative to these rods when Deathbringers are overheating is the Core. This will emerge from the top of Deathbringers and can be very tough to hit. If you do manage to land an arrow or a bomb on it, though, you’ll deal massive damage to the Deathbringer. If you can hit both the Cooling Rods and Core, you’ll have taken care of the Deathbringer with relative ease. Just remember to keep moving and take your time and you’ll be defeating Deathbringers in your sleep.

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