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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How To Get Skill Points


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How To Get Skill Points

Who doesn’t want an exploding drone?

How to Get Skill Points – Ghost Recon Wildlands

Skill points play a very important role in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Not only do they allow players to unlock new gear, but they also help them acquire and upgrade new skills and abilities for the Ghosts. And while leveling up your character is the most basic method to get Skill Points, there is another easier way to acquire them.

In enemy outposts, you will occasionally come across high ranking members of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. These individuals can be interrogated for information on a number of different things, one of which happen to be the locations of Skill Points scattered around your surrounding areas. So after you successfully interrogate the whereabouts of these Skill Points out of your target, they will show up as markers on your map.

Alternatively, you can also locate Rebel Lieutenants on the map who can also tell you where to get Skill Points, albeit without the need for interrogations.

You can then head on over to these locations, and collect the documents that will reward you with extra points. Most of these Skill Points however are usually found in areas with other acquirable items such as Weapon Caches and Resources, so expect to encounter crowds of armed enemies when you go to collect them.

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