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For Honor: How to Play The Lawbringer


For Honor: How to Play The Lawbringer

Lawbringer – For Honor

The Lawbringer is one of twelve character classes in For Honor, and it falls under the Knights faction. It’s a medium-range character that uses a poleaxe as a weapon, which can restrict your usefulness at close range. You’ll also want to focus on parrying when playing this hero, as it has a couple of special moves that tie into it.

Lawbringer is also one of the more difficult classes to play in For Honor, so you’ll need some practice before you really grasp the hero. We’ll go over the character’s strengths, move set, feats, and some tactics for playing it.


Lawbringer – Hyrbrid – Counter-Attacker, Disabler

Strengths – Good at disabling enemies, long reach, strong counter-attacks.

Weaknesses – Slow attack speed, not great at close range, very difficult to master.


Hero Specific Perks

  • Renown: Renown is balanced across all activities.
  • Revenge Mode: Boosts damage and health. All attacks are uninterruptible. Parries and throws enemies down. Attacks are auto-parried on activation.
  • Stunning Top Heavy Attacks – Top heavy attacks (as in top guard) stun opponents. A stunned opponent can’t see your Guard.
  • Shove: Your shove attack initiates chains.


  • Book, Chapter and Verse – R1, R2, R1 (RB, RT, RB on Xbox)
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner – R1, R2, R2, (RB, RT, RT on Xbox)
  • Swift Justice – R2, R1, R2 (RT, RB, RT on Xbox)
  • Impaling Charge (Not in Guard Mode) – L3+R2 (L3+RT on Xbox)
  • Impaling Riposte (Parry) – Right stick left or right+R2
  • Blind Justice (Parry) – Right stick up+R2


The Lawbringer uses a poleaxe in battle, making it a great character at medium range. It’s also a Hyrbrid character bringing talent from both the vanguard and tank classes. Because of the range of the Lawbringer, the hero can easily get taken advantage of in close-quarters. This means you’re going to want to keep yourself at a distance as much as possible. Defending, dodging backwards, and just generally keeping that range between you and your enemy is key. Don’t be afraid to defend if an enemy gets in too close in order to build your Revenge meter, as activating Revenge Mode will parry any incoming attacks and give you a quick boost in power.

The Lawbringer’s shove ability is a good one to keep in mind, as hitting square and X will allow you to execute a move that pushes the enemy back from you into a medium combo range. You can use this in some creative ways like blocking an enemy’s attack, than instantly shoving them while they’re briefly stunned and launch into a combo. The character’s zone attacks also hit a wide area in front of the hero, helping if you find yourself surrounded.

Additionally, there are two helpful moves you can use to instantly get enemies on the ground. When sprinting with L3, you can use your heavy attack on R2 to use an impaling attack on the enemy that covers quite a distance and ends with them on the ground. Additionally, holding the left stick back and using the square button will execute a move where you use your poleaxe to knock the enemy over.

Finally, you should, of course, make liberal use of the Lawbringer’s powerful parrying abilities. If you’re going to play the hero, make sure you have parrying absolutely down, as both the Impaling Riposte and Blind Justice moves can cause some massive damage to your foes.

Equipment should work on bolstering the Lawbringer’s defense as enemies getting in close can seriously hurt, or on helping with your stamina.


  • Body Count or Harsh Judgement – Body Count is always a good choice, as it allows you to kill enemy soldiers to restore stamina and health in a pinch. Additionally, Harsh Judgement decreases the selected enemy’s stamina for a moment, which can let you land a strong attack from mid-range.
  • Righteous Deflection – Since the Lawbringer is such a parry-focused character this one is a no-brainer, as it gives you high damage reduction for a moment with each parry.
  • Protected Revive – This Feat can help out quite a bit in team modes, letting you revive teammates while guarding, and restore some of their health as well.
  • Regenerate – As the Lawbringer will probably be moving around the battlefield a lot, Regenerate can help restore your health while running around. If you have Protected Revive on, this helps even more since you can run around picking allies back up.

For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our ever-expanding wiki.

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