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Conan Exiles: How to Get Brimstone


Conan Exiles: How to Get Brimstone

Brimstone – Conan Exiles

If you want to get Steel, the elusive metal that many fans have been desperate to get their hands on in Conan Exiles, then you may have discovered that you’ll first need Brimstone. While the game doesn’t give you much of an idea on where to look for it, it’s not that rare to find when you know the right places to search.

Brimstone is a pale-colored rock that you’ll commonly find in large caves. It’s worth noting, though, that caves in Conan Exiles are normally filled with some pretty fierce enemies, so make sure to be well-equipped before venturing into the dark unknown.

One of the best places to find Brimstone in Conan Exiles found by players so far, can be found at the very top of the I2 block of your map. If you look closely, you should see a line wiggling its way across the top. You’re aiming for the part that is straight and slightly raised in comparison to the rest of the line (it makes sense when you look at the map, we promise). Make your way here in the game and you’ll come to a cave.

Head on inside and right as you head in on the left, you should see a pale-colored rock. Mine this with your pickaxe to get Brimstone. There are a few deposits of Brimstone in here, and you can return to this cave after some time has passed in the game to get even more Brimstone.

Of course, this isn’t the only place you can find this precious material in Conan Exiles, so be sure to keep a look out for that pale yellow-colored rock whenever you head into a cave in the game.

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