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Ubisoft Details The Division’s 1.6 Update and Last Stand Expansion

The Division

Ubisoft Details The Division’s 1.6 Update and Last Stand Expansion

Gear up again, Agents.

Ubisoft detailed the huge 1.6 patch and the next paid add-on for The Division this week on the game’s official website.

The 1.6 update will be free for all players and largely reworks the Dark Zone and the player versus player aspect of the game. Three more zones are being added to the north of the Dark Zone for a grand total of nine, and promises more challenging enemies as players travel north. Landmarks can cause waves of enemies to spawn, and completing these challenges awards loot that does not need to be extracted.

Contamination events are hourly challenges where players can traverse the Dark Zone underground and defeat elite Cleaners while the airborne virus slowly drains health. The update also adds a “Legendary” difficulty mode for three missions, a severe retooling of armor and skill power stats, PvP balancing, economy changes, named weapon changes, and more. An in-game store selling cosmetic items and emotes will be added, and can only be bought with “premium credits” purchased with real money.

The third and final expansion of The Division’s season pass, Last Stand, will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the same day. The other two expansions, Underground and Survival, were Xbox One timed exclusive for 30 days.

Last Stand is a competitive multiplayer mode consisting of two teams of eight fighting over three tactical locations on maps based in the Dark Zone. There is no “rogue” element and no penalty for dying. NPCs defend the points and killing them awards resources to fortify your team’s spawn base. The add-on also adds a new incursion, but Ubisoft says there will be more information on that in the future.

Ubisoft did not announce release dates for the update and add-on, but both will be available on the game’s public test server ahead of official release.


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