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Resident Evil 7: How to Get All Unlockables


Resident Evil 7: How to Get All Unlockables

Unlockables – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

As is the case in all previous Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7 has unlockables you can earn by completing the game on different difficulties, and completing certain challenges. Below you’ll find a list of them as well as how to obtain them for yourself.

This guide is a work in progress. We will be sure to update with more information as we gain access to more of Resident Evil 7’s unlockables.

Madhouse Difficulty – Unlockable as part of the pre-order bonus or by beating the game on any difficulty.

Albert-01R – A powerful weapon that deals lots of damage to infected enemies. Unlockable by completing the game on any difficulty setting.

Running Shoes – An item that increases your walking speed. You unlock this by finishing Resident Evil 7 in under four hours.

Circular Saw – A powerful but slow melee weapon. Beat the game in under four hours.

The Secrets of Defense – Helps mitigate incoming damage. Is unlocked by beating the game on Normal.

Dirty Coin – A coin used to open certain boxes around the game’s world. Unlocked by completing the Demo while solving the cryptic murder puzzles.

Infinite Ammo – Complete the game on Madhouse.

X-Ray Glasses – Beat the game while using a healing items only three times or less.

For more tips, tricks, and information on Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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