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Resident Evil 7: How to Solve the Projector Shadow Puzzle (Mia VHS)


Resident Evil 7: How to Solve the Projector Shadow Puzzle (Mia VHS)

Mia VHS Tape: Projector Shadow Puzzle – Resident Evil 7

The Baker residence in Resident Evil 7 is full of ghouls and surprises. At one point, you will come across a VHS tape. Utilizing it will lead to a sequence that you must complete to continue on with the story. You’ll play as Mia and need to haul ass away from Marguerite. These Bakers love to give a chase.

Here’s what you need to do to make it through this alive:

  • Cross the bridge and get through the doors.
  • Just keep heading straight as there’s not really any other place to head through.
  • Marguerite will appear at the end of the hallway at some point, at which point you’re going to want to hide behind a large crate conveniently placed in the hallway.
  • Once she’s out of the hallway again, head through the door she came out of.
  • Go to the balcony of this room.
  • Hide, because Marguerite is about to come out to the balcony. She only checks her left, though. For extra suspense.
  • Once she leaves, head back into the room and you’ll be faced with a puzzle.
  • Rotate the object until it casts the spider-like shape.
  • A secret path will open once you solve the puzzle, so head through that.
  • Marguerite will pop up again, so hide.
  • Move to where she came out from, and drop through the hole in the ground.
  • Move through the pathway to the exit.
  • Once there, examine the object by your feet and a photograph in one of the boxes.

After that, a cutscene will trigger and you will have completed Mia’s VHS tape in Resident Evil 7.

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