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Dynasty Warriors Godseekers – How to Get the Best Weapons


Dynasty Warriors Godseekers – How to Get the Best Weapons

Best Weapons – Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

There are a lot of different weapons and tools that can be used in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, however, if you want to obtain some of the best be prepared for a grind. At the end of each mission, players are rewarded with several different chests, each of which indicates a different level of rarity. The most basic, wooden chest, will typically drop white or one-star weapons that can be used to either remove attributes from or sell to the merchant. The next level of rarity is green, with blue and orange being the most desirable for heroes.

In order to obtain these items you will need to either complete side objectives within a mission or simply get lucky and obtain a chest at the end of a battle scenario. What you’re looking for are black colored chests with ornate metal work around the frame. While you’re not guaranteed a high-level item from these chests, it’s your best chance at obtaining one of the strongest weapons. By checking the Battle Objectives tab in a mission menu you can see what you need to do and the reward for accomplishing it.

Any legendary weapon, such as the Phoenix Bowgun, will usually come with some extra bonuses such as 15% Defense and 30% Dexterity increases. Try to equip these high-end weapons only for your primary party members first such as Zhao Hun, as you’ll end up using them far more than others. With some patience and a little luck, you’ll be on your way to making your officers the terrors of Dynasty Warriors Godseekers’ battlefield.

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