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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Change Your Character’s Outfit


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – How to Change Your Character’s Outfit

Changing Outfits – Dynasty Warriors Godseekers

While having the strongest fighter on the battlefield is incredibly important in Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, you’ll also want to make sure they look good while doing it too. Enter the various alternative outfits that are available for virtually every character in the entire game that pay tribute to the past entries in the series. For those who are bored with their officer’s current outfit, you can actually alter this, which will not only change their in-game look but their appearance in cutscenes as well.

To unlock these outfits all you need to do is obtain that character as a permanent member to your roster of fighters. This can be done by completing the Path of Destiny for each officer, which includes reading dialogue exchanges and completing specific missions for that character.

When you obtain a new hero, you can then go into the Officer menu and hit triangle to bring up their selectable outfits. These costumes span almost all of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, allowing players to take a stroll down memory lane when playing. Simply highlight which of the costumes you want to wear and press X, this will confirm the outfit and instantly apply it to your Dynasty Warriors Godseekers’ hero of choice.

There are also alternative costumes for certain main characters like Lei Bin and Li Xia, however, the latter can only be unlocked by pre-ordering the game itself. Yet, it’s nice that developer Omega Force allows users to mix and match a character’s outfit depending on which title they liked most. After all, what’s the point of destroying hundreds of soldiers if you aren’t looking stylish while doing it?

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