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Watch Santa Try Out VR in PlayStation’s Christmas Commercial

PlayStation VR

Watch Santa Try Out VR in PlayStation’s Christmas Commercial

“Rudolph! Get over here! I’m Batman!”

They say that the promise and appeal of virtual reality can never really be understood until you’ve tried it on for yourself.

Well, it looks as though the technology has converted another believer to the cause: Saint Nicholas himself.

The latest commercial from Sony and PlayStation is as festive as you might imagine, with Santa doing the late night rounds on Christmas Eve.

This is a PlayStation advert, however, so of course everyone’s favourite gift-giver spots a PlayStation VR headset sitting untouched in the lounge of one particular child…and hilarity ensues.

We’re not really sure what games Santa actually played, though his startled expressions suggests that he might have been trying out the latest Resident Evil 7 demo.

Either way, morning arrives and our bearded friend is kicked out the house without even so much as a free mince pie.

Bad luck Santa, I’m sure the elves will be able to make you your very own headset. Maybe we can play a match of RIGS Mechanized Combat League together sometime…

Are you planning on getting any decent PlayStation goodies this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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