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LawBreakers Will Use Discord Natively for In-Game Voice Chat


LawBreakers Will Use Discord Natively for In-Game Voice Chat

A wonderful pairing.

Boss Key Productions’ inaugural shooter LawBreakers will be one of the biggest games to use Discord’s voice chat natively for its in-game communication.

“We’re pleased to announce that LawBreakers will be one of the premiere games using Discord’s GameBridge platform to power native in-game chat. We’ve been using Discord since our very first Friends & Family Alpha test, and simply put, it’s great. It works on your PC, phone or tablet. It works for IMs. It works for a squad or larger group chat. It just works, which is why we’re happy to integrate this next-generation chat solution into LawBreakers,” said the announcement blog post.

GameBridge is essentially Discord’s SDK tools to integrate their high-quality voice chat into the guts of video games. While the technology lives in the game, GameBridge allows the developers to design custom UI around it all. Other games that take advantage of Discord’s tech are Trion World’s Atlas Reactor, PocketWatch Games’ Tooth and Nail, and Poppermost’s Snow.

Boss Key recently had their official debut in the form of a new trailer shown at The Game Awards 2016 (shown above). They also announced an upcoming beta, which you can sign up for right here.


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