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Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat Flans


Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat Flans

Flans – Final Fantasy XV

Flans are an enemy that you’ll see throughout Final Fantasy XV, and they can be quite an annoyance. They’re pretty resilient little suckers, and normal attacks don’t do much damage. It also doesn’t help that the enemies usually come in swarms.

There are a couple of different tactics you can employ, however, to make short work of any Flans. These enemies, like in past Final Fantasy games, are almost always weak to magic. Make sure you’re keeping on top of your Elemancy, and have one or two magic spells in your repertoire at all times. Be careful, though, as some Flans will completely absorb certain types of magic. One good way to make sure of this is to invest in Ignis’ Analyze ability on the Ascension grid, or the Libra ability on Wait Mode. This will let you scan each enemy, and see their exact weaknesses.

Besides using magic, the best way to take down Flans is with either Blindside attacks, Link Strikes, or Parry Link Strikes. The enemies are slow attackers and you’ll usually have a pretty open window to defend, so when the parry prompt comes up the screen make sure you hit it. It’s really not too hard to circle behind and deliver a blow.

Just remember the three tactics of Magic, Blindsides, and Parries and you should be able to take down any group of Flans you come across.

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