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Destiny The Dawning: How to Get The Abbadon (Solarlord)


Destiny The Dawning: How to Get The Abbadon (Solarlord)

Abbadon (Solarlord) – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the new exotic weapons that have been introduced to Destiny through the latest holiday event, The Dawning, is the Abbadon, which is a Solar version of the Thunderlord (earning it the name Solarlord from fans leading up to its official release). To unlock this weapon, you’ll need to obtain the Hymns of Fire quest which is only accessible after unlocking the Nova Mortis (the Void version of the Thunderlord).

Once you have the Nova Mortis quest completed, head on over to Zavala and he’ll give you this new quest.

Here are the steps for the quest:

  1. Head to Banshee (the Gunsmith) in the Tower and talk to him.
  2. Get Solar Ability kills (Supers, Grenades, Melee abilities) in any activity. (100 Kills)
  3. Head back to Banshee.
  4. Complete the Strike “The Shield Brothers” (Place the Strike on the highest difficulty).
  5. Head Back to Zavala and receive your reward.

That’s all there is to it. If everything has gone well for you in your travels, you should now have all three versions of the Thunderlord, meaning you’re ready for any challenge that Destiny may throw at you going forward. Now spread your good cheer with the darkness by shooting it in the face a few times.

Happy holidays and safe travels, Guardians.

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