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Indie Game, The Flame in the Flood’s Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release


Indie Game, The Flame in the Flood’s Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release

Slowly going down a river.

It was recently announced on Twitter that The Flame in the Flood soundtrack will be heading to vinyl. The successfully funded indie game started its campaign on Kickstarter and finished with over $250,000 raised.

The soundtrack for the game was composed by Chuck Ragan who is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. There are two vinyls that fans can grab, but the only difference is the colors as they are the same size and have the same 10 tracks. Fans can pick between an orange crush design or a sea blue design depending on their style without having to worry about missing anything.

It would seem that these are the same tracks found in the game, and that there are no special tracks for the vinyls. The soundtrack itself carries a different tone compared to other survival games. While some games focus on the doom and gloom that players are surrounded by, The Flame in the Flood has more of a country feel that works well with the fact that you have to survive in an unforgivable natural environment.

While Ragan has tweeted that the vinyl is available, it is actually a pre-order and it is not expected to ship until Dec. 15, 2016. Fans can pick up their own copies for $16.99 each and that will also include a digital copy of the soundtrack. The Flame in the Flood has already made it’s way to PC and Xbox One if fans are interested in hearing the soundtrack in action.


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