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Iron Banner is Returning to Destiny Next Week

destiny iron banner

Iron Banner is Returning to Destiny Next Week

The race to 400 Light.

The level cap has been raised to 400, meaning it’s a great time to get back into Destiny’s Iron Banner event once again. For the uninitiated, of which I am sure there are very few by this point, Iron Banner is a PVP event where players get to take part in competitive matches centered around a specific game mode. Light level matters here, unlike in the ordinary Crucible rounds, and the loot drops are better too.

Iron Banner will come back to Destiny on Tuesday, November 8, 10am. And it will end on Tuesday, November 15, 1am.

As usual, you can rank up in the event to get Iron Banner gear and weapons. You can also get loot drops through match completions. During the first event since Rise of Iron’s launch, players were pleasantly surprised by the good drop rates and just how rewarding the event felt overall. The game mode this time around will be Control, and not Supremacy like the previous time.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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