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Darkest Dungeon Has Sold Over 1M Copies, Mod Support and More Ports Incoming

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Darkest Dungeon Has Sold Over 1M Copies, Mod Support and More Ports Incoming

The future gets less dark.

Darkest Dungeon is a gothic, and also quite creepy, RPG that made its debut as a Steam Early Access title. Since those days, the game has gotten its full PC release, and even saw a release on PS4 and PS Vita just last month. Red Hook Studios has just announced that the game has sold over one million copies – an impressive number for a small indie game.

In addition to announcing the new Crimson Court DLC, Red Hook also laid out their plans for the future. It looks like they’re working on getting Steam Workshop up and running so that mods can be created for the game, and more ports might be coming as well.

‘Other platforms that might be a fit for DD are high on our list. Tablet immediately comes to mind; as it turns out, we accidentally designed a pretty cool touch interface from the beginning! Other console and handheld devices remain interesting as well, and we’d like to get the game to as many potential fans as possible.’

Darkest Dungeon is now available on PS4, PS Vita, and PC.

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