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Pokemon Sun & Moon: Where and How to Get Never Melt Ice


Pokemon Sun & Moon: Where and How to Get Never Melt Ice

Never-Melt Ice – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Never Melt-Ice is one of the many items you can give to your Pokemon to hold, and boosts the power of Ice type moves. There are a couple different ways that you can grab the item in Sun and Moon.

The first way to find it is to head over to Route 3 and follow it over to Melemele Meadow. Head into the field of flowers, and head down to the bottom left corner, make sure to stay in the flowers and don’t go up on the rock. If you look closely, you’ll see a hole in the wall that you can go through, leading you to Seaward Cave. Follow this path all the was down and to the right, without jumping down ledges, and you’ll find a Pokeball with the Never-Melt Ice.

The second ways of getting the item comes when you set foot on the third island of the game, Ula’ula. Leave Malie City and head to Route 10, and talk to the first woman you see on the side of the road. She’ll ask you to find her eight Stuffuls that have run away across the route. All eight are scattered across the one area of Route 10, three are hidden in grassy areas, one behind a sign halfway down, two in plain sight, and two hiding behind trees. Just keep a lookout for the pink Pokemon, and they aren’t too hard to find. Once you’ve found all eight return to the woman, and she’ll reward you with a Never-Melt Ice and a whopping 15,000 Pokedollars.

Now you have the perfect item for upping the power of your favorite Ice type Pokemon. Make sure to stay tuned with Twinfinite for more guides, tips, and help on Pokemon Sun and Moon. Also check out our extensive wiki, for everything you might need.

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