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Owlboy: How to Beat the Cannon Minigame


Owlboy: How to Beat the Cannon Minigame

Cannon Minigame – Owlboy

In the town of Tropos in Owlboy, the adorable Boguins will open up a fun minigame using Tropos’ cannon. These strange rolling creatures are aids to the shopkeeper, their dialogue often offering humorous glimpses at their laborious lives. But they have the time to get the cannon working and set up an obstacle course of rings for Otus to work his way through.

After being shot from the cannon, Otus is essentially in a freefall. His wings are tucked to his sides and the player’s control over him is limited. You can slightly adjust his direction, leading him from ring to ring. Mastering the course will take time, however. It’s filled with sharp turns and goes by at a blisteringly fast pace. You likely won’t get every ring on your first try.

The best way to get through as fast as possible is to figure out Otus’ movement, which feels rather odd, especially when you move in sweeping curves. Other than that it really is a matter of memorizing the course and knowing when to turn and what to prepare for. There are moments where it slows down, letting you adjust your trajectory and prepare for the next gauntlet. Learn the course and achieve 100% and you’ll be gifted the Pristine Shell, which can be used to unlock a touching cutscene with Geddy.

The rings give players a few coins when you pass through them, so not only do you get a reward for perfecting the minigame, it also gets you one step closer to unlocking the Spectre Clock, which requires every coin in Owlboy to unlock. Guide Otus through every ring and you’ll be rewarded with a whopping 300 coins.

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