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Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Character Bio


Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Character Bio

Luna and Noctis are defiantly a “it’s complicated” relationship.


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, or more simply known as Luna, is the youngest Oracle in history and the former princess of Tenebrae before she became a captive of the Niflheim empire. The main heroine of the story, she is part of a complicated romantic relationship with main protagonist and playable character Prince Noctis of Lucis, as the story begins with their arranged marriage, intended to unite the Kingdom of Lucis with Niflheim.

Since Luna is an Oracle, she can talk to the Gods. With her power, she prevents “The Plague of the Stars” from lengthening the nights and covering the world of Eos in darkness. It is also thanks to her that Tenebrae still maintains self-governance after it is seized by the Niflheim empire.

Luna is a confidant and regal character, often unfazed by the chaotic nature of those she finds around her. She is fueled by her ability to talk to the gods and see into the future, making her a status symbol for righteousness in her desire to save her world from being plunged into darkness.

Her official description reads as follows:

“Luna made many fond memories with Noct in their childhood, but their days of innocence ended abruptly when the empire overtook her home of Tenebrae. Through adversity, she became the youngest Oracle in history. Adored and respected the world over, she now travels in search of communion with the gods to aid Noct in his journey.”

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