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What a PS4 WC-40383-8 Error Is and What to Do About It


What a PS4 WC-40383-8 Error Is and What to Do About It

Players have been experiencing quite a few issues with PSN today. When trying to connect to an online game, the error WC-40383-8 pops up, barring their access to titles such as Destiny and the recently released Battlefield 1. What’s worse is that there is no explanation given as to what this error code actually means for PS4 players.

According to the PlayStation website, the error description is:

Could not connect to the server (HTTP 503 error).

That HTTP 503 error means that the server you’re trying to access is actually down, and that’s why you’re not being granted access with your PS4. This unfortunately means that there’s nothing you the player can do. You will simply have to wait until Sony sorts out the issues with PSN that are causing the WC-403830-8 error code. The PlayStation account tweeted earlier today that they are investigating the issues.

The bright side, this is usually only a temporary condition, so you should be able to access the servers soon-ish. Hopefully, whenever you see the error pop up, relief isn’t too far behind.

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