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Super Mario Gets A Fan-Made Game With Super Mario Bros. X 2.0


Super Mario Gets A Fan-Made Game With Super Mario Bros. X 2.0

Super Mario Bros. X 2.0 might cure Mario fans’ insatiable need for retro Mario glory.

You have to give credit to all of the Nintendo fans out there that like to release different versions of their favorite Nintendo games, many times with good and fan-pleasing results. The latest occurrence of this is Super Mario Bros. X 2.0. The trailer can be found here.

The trailer starts out with very familiar locales from Super Mario World, and even contains a similar art style. The differences change drastically after the title shows up. The trailer then demonstrates that there are new NPCs, as well as different characters to play as. You can even play as Mega Man!

The game also includes the ability to design levels, which sounds like it takes some inspiration from Super Mario Maker. Additionally, it features new types of blocks that add more elements to the game, as well as other components not normally seen in Mario games.

Super Mario Bros. X 2.0 is a good idea in theory. There have been plenty of fan-made Mario games, and this looks to be one just down Mario fans’ alleys in that the spirit of the Mario games as there, but this version gives it its own unique spin.

Unfortunately, however, Nintendo often is not privy to this idea. One of the most notable instances of this is when they forced one group of fans to take down the Metroid 2 remake they made back in August. I would suggest to anyone remotely interested in this that they download it as soon as they can, as there is no telling when Nintendo will issue a “cease and desist” notice. So, get it while you still can.


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