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Report: The Nintendo Switch Has a 720p Multi-Touch Screen


Report: The Nintendo Switch Has a 720p Multi-Touch Screen

Not entirely switching it up.

When the Nintendo Switch was announced last week, one question that many gamers had was if the new system would have a touch screen. The DS and 3DS have touch screens, and the Wii U has one as well. It wasn’t mentioned at all in the footage or post-mortem, but Eurogamer did some digging and were told by their sources that there indeed may be a touch screen.

The screen is said to be 6.2″ in size and has 720p resolution, and is capacitive and multi-touch. It’s a 10-point multi-touch display, so multi-finger gestures will thankfully be supported. When the Switch is docked, you’ll play a game with the Pro controller or the JoyCons that are attached to the system grip.

Nintendo hasn’t responded yet, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Then again, given that they’ve already said that they won’t speak more on the Switch for real until January, it may be a while for you to keep your ears open.

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