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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Access the Pokemon Catching Challenge


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Access the Pokemon Catching Challenge

Pokemon Catching Challenge – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Aside from simply earning yourself an amazing new Ash Greninja for when you finally pick up your full copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, there are some hidden challenges in the demo as well. One of these challenges tasks trainers with catching as many Pokemon as possible with a limited number of Poke Balls. You’ll have to find the area first, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you how.

First, head over to Ten Carat Hill. To the right of this area you’ll find some breakable rocks. Use your Tauros by selecting it after pressing Y to bring up the rideable Pokemon to break those rocks to gain access to the Pokemon Catching challenge. You’ll be given a number of Poke Balls and must catch as many Pokemon as you can.

This is the only area where you can actually catch anything, so this is perfect practice before the actual games release. Also, if you catch enough, you can earn prizes. The only prize we know of at this moment is a Nugget that can be transferred to the full game, which requires at least three captures.

Keep in mind that you can’t access this challenge until after completing the main portion of the demo.

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