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Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Millwood Battle Axe


Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Millwood Battle Axe

Millwood Battle Axe – Dark Souls III: Ashes or Ariandel

If you are looking to claim the Millwood Battle Axe in Dark Souls III’s newest DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, then you are going to have to fight through quite a few foes. From the starting bonfire, head right until the ground breaks beneath you and sends you down into the forest. From here, make your way through the woods, making sure to hug the right wall so you don’t attract the pack of wolves sleeping on the left side.

Once you reach the end of the cliff, go left until you reach a small path that leads to a different location. If you are fast enough you will be able to outrun all of the wolves that are hanging about, which is certainly helpful. Ahead you should see a tower, and around it are various ruins and giant vikings roaming the land. Kill the foremost one by taking advantage of their predictable move sets and their high stun lock potential.

As you get closer, a guard will begin firing arrows from the tower, so you will need to avoid these for now. Kill the various guards about, making sure to slaughter their wolves first so you don’t get combo’d by them. Always fight behind cover because the archer can be a serious pain if you are running low on health or Flasks.

After you finish off the last of the men outside, head inside and deal with the viking charging down the staircase at you. Either lead him outside or fight him on the ground floor so you have room to move. After he dies, head upstairs and carefully back stab or push him off the tower’s edge via magic to ensure a quick kill.

Make your way up to the next floor and look to your right. You should see a corpse lying across a small gap that you will need to jump in order to claim your new weapon. Slowly position yourself and then do a running leap to get on the other side. Pick up your new axe and carefully jump across the gap once more.

The Millwood Battle Axe will give your character the Warcry ability if you decide to utilize the weapon art. It’s a moderately good weapon, but you might want to hold off on those upgrades until you give it a serious try in combat.

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