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Battlefield 1: How to Issue Orders as a Squad Leader


Battlefield 1: How to Issue Orders as a Squad Leader

Take command of the battlefield.

How to Issue Orders – Battlefield 1

One of the most important aspects of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer is the different squads that make up each team. Working with your squad is the best way to coordinate attacks and effectively take objectives, on top of leading to more points with you. Some people may not know however, that it’s up to each squad leader to issue orders and help coordinate where their squad attacks. Here’s how to issue orders should you find yourself playing as the squad leader.

Issuing orders is mapped to the same button as spotting enemies; so the R1 button on PS4, right bumper on Xbox One, and Q key on PC. Simply hold the button down, and a menu will pop up with different order options like attacking a specific objective. This will alert your squadmates with the order, and fulfilling it will reward everyone in the squad with extra points.

It’s up to each and every squad leader to coordinate their teammates attacks, and get everyone that nice little bonus. It’s a quick thing to issue an order, so make sure to pop up the menu and do it real quick while you’re ducking behind cover.

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