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Why Isn’t PlayStation’s Mark Cerny the Voice For Some Gaming Villain?


Why Isn’t PlayStation’s Mark Cerny the Voice For Some Gaming Villain?

I know what you are, Cerny.

This is PlayStation’s Mark Cerny.

Mark Cerny PlayStation

He’s the lead-architect for the PlayStation 4 and also, probably, an evil mad scientist.


There, that suits his true colors better. Look, you’re likely wondering what proof I have to claim this. The answer is absolutely none.

Sike! I do: his voice.

During PlayStation’s meeting yesterday, shameless plug to our coverage here, it became increasingly clear that as Cerny read off the points he wanted to cover, he was testing the waters for world domination with his hypnotizing voice. You are asleep if you think that man’s voice doesn’t sound like he’s ready to snap at any moment. Wake up, people. He’s come for us all.

Mark Cerny quote

You’re sick, Mark.

Sure, he might look like a pleasant man with a heart of gold. Look past those well-ironed plaid shirts, though. Okay, maybe he’s done a lot of great for Sony and has probably been very instrumental in the PS4’s success. And following that, he’s by association made people very happy with joyous memories of games and gaming with friends and family and celebrating video games.

But he’s a damn monster and I’m not buying into any of that. You may not have believed me when I called that Yarny was the devil. Understandably so, maybe. But this time, I’m not wrong.

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