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Niantic Working on New Projects that Will Be Similar to Pokemon GO

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Niantic Working on New Projects that Will Be Similar to Pokemon GO

More GO games?

In an interview with Game Informer (via GameSpot), Niantic’s John Hanke spoke a bit about the success of Pokemon GO, and how the company planned on bringing that same formula to their future projects. Of course, given the success of the augmented reality feature we saw in the mobile game, it’s no wonder that Niantic would want to apply this concept to other games.

“[T]hat’s always been our strategy to build up a platform underneath a game that can be used for other games, and frankly other experiences that may not exactly be games, but are still within that area of exercise, discovery, and social interaction,” Hanke said.

“The Niantic platform is very much a part of our long-term vision and we have some projects that are in the early stages now that will be built on top of it so you can definitely expect to see that from us in the future.”

Before Pokemon GO, Niantic launched Ingress, a similar style of game that used location and AR functions, where players had to go to real-life locations to earn points. Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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