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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get SIVA Offerings


Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get SIVA Offerings

Needed for the Forge.

SIVA Offerings are a new type of resource introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Think of these Offerings as the Runes that you used to access the Court of Oryx back in The Taken King – you need these Offerings to initiate a challenge in the Archon’s Forge, and farm your engrams from there. There are currently three types of Offerings:

Fused SIVA Offerings – These are green and common, and have a recommended light level of 320.

Enhanced SIVA Offerings – These are blue and uncommon, and have a recommended light level of 340.

Perfected SIVA Offerings – These are purple and rare, and have a recommended light level of 360.

At the moment, there’s no reliable way of getting these offerings. However, they seem to only drop from Splicer enemies. You’ll want to head over to the Plaguelands and start taking down all of the Splicer Fallen enemies to increase your chances of getting the Offerings. Whenever you see a tiny white engram falling out of their bodies, be sure to grab it – that’s your SIVA Offering. Do note that the Hive enemies don’t seem to drop them. While the Brood Mothers will drop Splicer Keys for you, the Offerings can only be obtained from the Splicer Fallen enemy types.

Do you know of other ways to get more Offerings in Destiny: Rise of Iron? Feel free to sound off in the comments down below. For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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