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Destiny Rise of Iron: All New Raid Armor Gear (Wrath of the Machine)


Destiny Rise of Iron: All New Raid Armor Gear (Wrath of the Machine)

Titan Raid Armor in Destiny: Rise of Iron


The Wrath of the Machine Titan Armor is a sleek red and black set that makes you look like mean killing machine. As was the case in previous raids, armor from this set will make the new Destiny: Rise of Iron a bit more manageable. The chest plate will halve the damage you take while carrying the SIVA charge during the raid. The boots will grant a speed boost when moving with an in-raid weapon (weapons that are part of the raid, not ones you unlock). The gauntlets actually improve the rate of heavy ammo drops when fighting Fallen, and the Helm has two perks. One is to grant you more Super energy when fighting in Darkness Zones (where you see the skull and can’t instantly respawn), and the other grants bonus damage against the Fallen when you pick up an Orb. The artifacts focus on Solar damage, which may prove to be interesting.

The only major differences between the standard versions of the raid armor and the Spliced version (which presumably drops from hard mode) is the Light Level and the fact that spliced versions can have ornaments, meaning you’ll be able to change their appearance. Normal gear can drop from 365-385 Light, while Hard Mode gear drops from 385-400.

Raid Rewards:

  • Cosmoclast Plate
  • Cosmoclast Guantlet
  • Cosmoclast Helm
  • Cosmoclast Greaves
  • Cosmoclast Mark
  • SIVA Core

Hard Mode:

  • Spliced Cosmoclast Plate
  • Spliced Cosmoclast Guantlet
  • Spliced Cosmoclast Helm
  • Spliced Cosmoclast Greaves
  • Spliced Cosmoclast Mark
  • Perfected SIVA Core

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