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Award-Winning Axiom Verge Arrives on Xbox One

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Xbox One

Award-Winning Axiom Verge Arrives on Xbox One

Metroidvania lands on Xbox One.

Action platformer Axiom Verge has finally made its way onto Xbox One, having previously been released on PS4 and PC platforms. Announced back in March, the Xbox One version of the game lands on the Microsoft home console today, bringing the retro stylistic platformer to a whole new audience.

Inspired by the likes of Metroid, Master Blaster and Contra, Axiom Verge begins with a scientist awakening in an alien world following a lab accident. The labyrinth-style world will leave players questioning just exactly where they are. Could they be in some sort of dystopian future? A planet far, far away perhaps? What they do know is they will be collecting a whole arsenal of weaponry and items to battle the biomechnoid constructs in the aftermath of an ancient war. With over 40 weapons and tools to wield, 80 creatures to scrap with and 1000 rooms to traverse, Axiom Verge brings the Metroidvania game to Xbox One, almost six months after its announcement of coming to the platform.

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