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Players Really Dislike Metal Gear Survive, Literally


Players Really Dislike Metal Gear Survive, Literally


From the second it got announced to when the first bit of gameplay footage got shown, people really don’t seem to dig the general concept behind Metal Gear Survive.

This four-player co-op survival title pits the player against zombie-like creates that definitely aren’t zombies, developer Konami claims. Understandably, fans were incredibly displeased with how the studio is treating the beloved stealth espionage series, especially considering the controversy regarding Hideo Kojima leaving the company.

With the first bit of gameplay shown a few weeks following its debut trailer, fans have once more given Konami the finger. Not the middle finger per se, but definitely a thumbs down.

The 15-minute long YouTube footage of Metal Gear Survive currently sits at around 426.000 views with almost 1700 viewers making their opinion known. Roughly 1.150 viewers reacted positively to the footage, whereas a staggering 15.700 individuals gave it a big ol’ nay. To put that into perspective: just over 7% of voters gave the YouTube video a positive rating. Ouch.

Despite all the outrage towards it, Metal Gear Survive is scheduled to launch somewhere in 2017 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for a below average asking price.

Special thanks go out to Kotaku for checking keeping a close eye on the like-meter.

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