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This Exoskeleton Glove Will Let You Touch in VR


This Exoskeleton Glove Will Let You Touch in VR

Squeeze a rubber duck… digitally!

The folks at Chinese startup Dexta Robotics are preparing to introduce a robot glove to the virtual reality market, one that will let people feel items in the digital world.

Their product, Dexmo, works as a mechanical exoskeleton. It operates by providing variable force feedback, meaning the device can apply resistance when you squeeze a virtual object like a rubber duck, and pull back your fingers to stop you from moving your hand through objects like rocks. Dexta Robotics says the contraption will be lightweight, wireless, and beneficial to fields like medicine and education. Added benefit: they make you look like you have deadly robo-claws.

According to Dextra CEO Aler Gu, only a batch of Dexmo have been made, and they won’t hit the market until the company finds software developers who can create fitting experiences for the gear.

“Selling Dexmo is different than selling consumer electronics because you can’t use Dexmo right out of the box,” Gu told Engadget. “It will take some really amazing content for people to realize how gaming-changing this innovation actually is.”

When it does release, on whatever mystery date for some mystery price, Dextra plans for compatibility with the PSVROculus Rift, HTC Vive, HoloLens, and any potential future virtual or augmented reality devices.

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