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No Man’s Sky Guide: What to Do First


No Man’s Sky Guide: What to Do First

1. Get Your Multi-tool in Working Order

No Man's Sky. E3

As soon as you start No Man’s Sky, you’re given the task of repairing your Starship. While that does seem like the most logical thing to do, you may want to hold off on that for a moment. The very first thing you should do is take care of your Multi-tool. When you begin, this beam weapon is capable of one thing, mining for resources, but it has a few more uses that will help you out a lot with not only getting your ship back together, but scouting all of the planets you’ll eventually visit.

There are three attachments that you’ll want to have up and running – Scanner, Analysis Visor, and Boltcaster. These will allow you to scan your immediate surroundings for resources and locations, analyze plants and animals for discovery, and attack with an actual weapon respectively. Both the Scanner and Visor will be attached but need some repairing requiring Iron and Carbon. The Boltcaster blueprint will need to be found, but if you explore the nearby areas you’ll eventually stumble across it. Now you’re ready to take on the world(s).

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