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No Man’s Sky Players Have Already Made Nearly 160,000 Discoveries

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No Man’s Sky Players Have Already Made Nearly 160,000 Discoveries

So much left to discover.

After being release to the public for just under a day, No Man’s Sky players have already made a staggering amount of discoveries. After all the game is said to have over 18 quintillion planets to explore, so it seems like we’ll be making discoveries for quite a while.

These discoveries can range from anything to new planets, outposts, alien ruins or artifacts, animal life and much more. Sean Murray, the founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, made the announcement during a Reddit AMA. 

“It could be for sure. We were talking today about just having a twitter bot that tweets discovery names at random. We’ve just been glued to the screen all day, watching names come in. Game isn’t out… but we had like 160k discoveries uploaded today… so… :o,” says Murray.

Keep in mind that these are only the numbers for what has been discovered and named so far, and the game’s first day in the wild isn’t even complete yet. It would be fascinating if the team at Hello Games created a Twitter bot, where we could all just see the myriad discoveries made by players as they explore the universe. Fans seemed receptive to the idea as well, with multiple comments asking for the bot in the thread, although many wondered what might happen with some of the sillier names.

What discoveries have you made in No Man’s Sky so far? Which one is your favorite, and what did you name it. Let us know down in the comments.


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