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No Man’s Sky: How to Remove Upgrades


No Man’s Sky: How to Remove Upgrades

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Removing Upgrades – No Man’s Sky

If you decide that you want to remove one of your upgrades in No Man’s Sky, the game does allow you to do just that. Just be warned that you’ll still end up wasting some resources, so it’s good to always consider your options wisely before committing to an upgrade.

To remove an upgrade, simply bring up your inventory menu and go to the specific menu with the item you had applied the upgrade to. So if you wish to remove something from your Multi-tool, select that tab, and highlight the upgrade you want to take away. Once you’ve highlighted it, simply hold down on the right stick until the removal process is complete. You won’t get back all of the resources that you spent getting that particular upgrade, but you should get about a 50% resource refund.

If you’re hurting for resources, you can consider removing one of your upgrades to help you out a little. This isn’t a very efficient way of getting resources, so be sure to thoroughly explore your options and surroundings before making any big decisions. Also, holding down right stick while you have a regular item highlighted will simply cause you to discard it, so be careful of that too.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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