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Gamescom Welcomes Fans With the Ultimate Half-Life 3 Troll Poster


Gamescom Welcomes Fans With the Ultimate Half-Life 3 Troll Poster

It’s not a convention without a Half-Life 3 rumor.

Gamescom is happening this week and fans were welcomed with a rather surprising sight. Walking up to the convention center, there is a large Half-Life 3 poster hanging along with the other games. Gamescom is a convention where announcements and exciting reveals may happen, but Half-Life 3 has been rumored for so long that it seemed too good to be true.

And it was too good to be true, because this wasn’t the Half-Life 3 everyone expected, and the poster instead reads as “Half-Life: 3” with the caption, “Editors Who Played It Back Then.” This means that the ‘3’ is a reference towards how many editors played the game and is not actually an announcement of the long rumored sequel to Valve’s hit game. Half-Life 2 was originally released back in 2004, with its latest episode coming out in 2007.  Of course, anything relating to Half Life 3 or anything to do with the franchise remains rumors like they have in the past, unless Valve decides otherwise. While it looks like we won’t be getting Half-Life 3 after all, there will be plenty of other games to look forward to at Gamescom


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