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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Squirtle


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Squirtle

Pokemon GO is out and has players all over the world exploring the great outdoors in search of their favorite and the most powerful Pokemon. Of course, when it comes to favorite Pokemon, you don’t get more beloved than the original three starters, so it only makes sense you’ll want to know where to get Squirtle.

The most obvious place you’ll be able to get Squirtle is at the very beginning of the game. The very first Pokemon you can catch, if you choose it, is Squirtle. Alternatively, you can always pick Charmander or Bulbasaur instead if you prefer. If you did, in fact, opt for the grass or fire starter, then you’ll be glad to know you can still find one out in the wild.

In order to find one, you’re going to want to follow the general rule for Pokemon types in Pokemon GO. If a Pokemon would realistically live there in real life, you’ve got a good chance you’re going to find it there in Pokemon GO. Therefore, you should probably head toward the sea or a large body of water if you want to grab yourself a Squirtle. Saying that, we actually did spot and capture one in the middle of a city center, so there’s always the chance that one may have got lost during its search for water.

Finally, Squirtles can also come from hatching Eggs. If this chart from Serebii is to be believed, then they can be hatched from Eggs that require you to walk as little as 2km. They can also come from the higher km ones too, and are likely to come with a bunch of candy as an additional reward for all of your walking.

Unfortunately, there’s no other surefire way to get the lovable turtle Pokemon. However, we’ll continue to keep updating this with any more tips or tricks that we find on our adventure. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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