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Pokemon GO: What Pokemon You Get From Each Egg Distance


Pokemon GO: What Pokemon You Get From Each Egg Distance

One of the most exciting ways to add new monsters to your Pokedex in Pokemon GO is through hatching Eggs. Finally receiving your new creature after all of those footsteps is all the more satisfying.

However, one of Pokemon GO’s biggest mysteries has been just exactly what Pokemon hatch from the different distance Eggs. With them being split into 2km, 5km, and 10km, players quickly got onto the notion that some of the rarest Pokemon in the game will be inside the 10km eggs, whereas those in the 2km Eggs will be your more run-of-the-mill type.

Well, thanks to Serebii and Reddit user mrkfang, we now have a chart that seems to be based on player experience thus far, and has been strikingly accurate with what you can expect from which of these Eggs. Though it’s been pretty perfect so far, it’s by no means confirmed so if you do spot a minor error, that may be why.

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It should be noted, however, that the comments have pointed out a 10km Egg has the chance to spawn a Pokemon from the 2km category. In other words, you can get lower km Pokemon from higher km Eggs, but not the other way around.

While this may seem disappointing if you end up getting a Weedle after carrying an Egg around for 10km, take solace in the fact it’s probably going to come with a bunch of candy, perfect for evolving up that Kakuna you’ve been slowly powering up with Stardust.

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