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Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Jynx


Pokemon GO: Where to Find and Catch Jynx

Don’t be Jinxed!

Pokemon GO has taken our mortal world by storm. People are moving in packs to PokeStops and gyms trying to conquer territory for their preferred team, be it Instinct, Mystic or Valor. One thing is clear though, and that’s the fact that people will go to extreme lengths to find rare Pokemon. As you can imagine, everyone wants to be the very best, like no one ever was…

Jynx is apparently a very tricky Pokemon to catch, but I stumbled into her completely out of the blue on a street in Sandyford, Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. It was actually in the middle of a roundabout next to a railway line in a very urban area. I was Level 3 at the time, and the CP of Jynx was 23. Luckily it wasn’t tough to catch, and I managed to nab it on the first try.


Hopefully this helps you find your own Jynx, and the Twinfinite team will be updating this post if and when we find another.

If you’re reading this and you found one yourself, make sure to let us know in the comments, so more people can get their mitts on this Ice/Psychic hybrid.



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