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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Vaporeon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Vaporeon

Down by the river.

Evolving your Eevee in Pokemon GO can be a tedious and frustrating process, as you will almost never know which evolved version you’ll get. Thankfully, it’s possible to catch these elusive evolved forms out in the wild just like any other Pokemon. However, don’t expect to catch this powerful water Pokemon if you are a lower level. Finding rare Pokemon is more determined by your level, so get to catching those Pidgeys!

As for Vaporeon, this Pokemon was found by a river alongside a park in Bellville, New Jersey. The trainer was level 8 when it was spotted and the Vaporeon took over four direct Pokeball hits to actually capture. However, it was worth the effort as the CP level for the Pokemon was a whopping 430 and an extra small weight class. However, if Vaporeon is not your speed, one of our other staff members actually managed to nab a Jolteon in the wild, as well.

It’s clear so far that being near a water source certainly factors into the frequency of this types appearance, so if you are looking for Vaporeon check by rivers, oceans, or lakes as a starter. Just make sure you’re ready for a long haul as this Pokemon puts up one hell of a fight.

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