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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Snorlax


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Snorlax

You’ll need more than a Pokeflute.

If you’re on a mission to complete your Pokedex in Pokemon GO, then Snorlax could be one of the problematic Pokemon on your quest. Fear not, though, here’s where you can find one.

The best chance you’ve got of finding one of the giant, sleepy beasts is actually in Pokemon Eggs. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get it in just any old Egg, this has to be one of the 10km ones, so you better get your walking shoes on.

Recently, a chart was made which seems to accurately predict what Pokemon you can get from the different distance Eggs, and Snorlax is one of the select few that require you to walk the furthest distance. Of course, there’s no guarantee that after walking all that way that a Snorlax is going to hatch out of the Egg to greet you, so be prepared to go through quite a few.

There’s always the chance that you could find Snorlax in the wild, too. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to where or when you’ll find a Snorlax out in the great outdoors. But, like all of the other rare Pokemon, the higher your trainer level, the higher the chance is that you’ll bump into rare Pokemon out in the wild. If you need some tips on how to level up quickly, we’ve got you covered.

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