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Pokemon GO: What to Do with Your Extra Pokemon


Pokemon GO: What to Do with Your Extra Pokemon

Just like you do in the normal Pokemon games, you’re going to find yourself coming across the duplicate creatures every so often in Pokemon GO. Don’t just run away from them, though, they can be put to good use. Here’s what to do with your extra Pokemon.

After you return from an adventure outdoors, you may take a look at your Pokemon inventory to find you’ve got 10 Rattatas. Instead of having them just clog up your inventory, you can actually get rid of them and, in turn, also pick up some handy items in the process.

To do this, simply click on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen. From here, go to the Pokemon option, and then select the Pokemon that you’d like to get rid of. You’ll then be greeted with that Pokemon’s details page. If you scroll down a little bit, at the bottom of the page you should see a big ‘Transfer’ button. Simply press this and confirm you’d like to transfer the Pokemon to Professor Willow. Press this, and you’ll lose your Pokemon permanently, but gain some rewards.

For every Pokemon that you transfer to Professor Willow, you can get yourself more Stardust and Candy. These are both important items when it comes to Powering Up and Evolving your Pokemon, so you can never have too much of the stuff.

Have you sent any of your Pokemon over to Professor Willow? Did you come back with far too many Weedles? Share your Pokemon GO stories in the comments below!

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