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Pokemon GO: How to Use Special Attacks in Battle


Pokemon GO: How to Use Special Attacks in Battle

Pokemon GO is sweeping the nation. We’re all entering a world where we can catch and train Pokemon using Augmented Reality technology, and it’s just a little spectacular. If you’re playing through the game, you may need to brush up on your battle mechanics, especially how to use your Pokemon’s special attacks.

Battles can only be had at Pokemon Gyms, with no ability to battle your friends in the game right now. Once you reach level five, you can take on Gyms, where you’ll discover a fairly simple battle system. Tap on the screen to perform regular attacks, and swipe to the side to dodge incoming attacks.

To perform special attacks, you’ll have to continue unleashing regular attacks and fill up a special bar on your screen. Once full, you can hold down on the screen to perform a special attack.

Perhaps we’ll see a more robust battle system integrated into the game in the future, or at least the option to battle our friends and rivals. Let us know your thoughts on the battle system, and share your favorite Pokemon GO stories in the comments below!

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