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Pokemon GO Chat App on the Way From Razer

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Chat App on the Way From Razer

Communication is key.

Razer, typically known for their line of keyboards and mouses, is developing a chat application for Pokemon GO. The app, called RazerGo, will function as a way for Pokemon GO players to communicate with each other all across the country.

The app will support both public and private chat, and users will apparently be able to place beacons to start up conversation with those near them. The app, like the game itself, will be constantly location aware, and allow users to talk to each other that are between 3, 60, or 600 miles away. A web version of the app will be made available tonight at 10pm EST, and the iOS and Android versions will be following.

It seems the app’s primary function will be as a way to anonymously communicate with people near you about what Pokemon are around. This seems especially useful, since as it is, Pokemon GO is a game devoid of any communication option whatsoever. Though, some might argue that is part of the game’s charm, as it forces players to actually find each other to exchange information.

With RazerGo on the horizon, you might find these tips about accessories to bring on your Pokemon hunts useful. We’ve also ranked every single Pokemon presently available in the game, so that you have a better idea about which ones are worth your time.

Thanks, The Verge


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