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Pokemon GO: Can Lure and Incense Effects Stack?


Pokemon GO: Can Lure and Incense Effects Stack?

Lure Modules and Incense are the easiest ways to maximize your Pokemon catching ability in Pokemon GO. The former can be placed on a PokeStop, drawing Pokemon to the area for 30 minutes. The latter can be consumed to draw Pokemon to you for 30 minutes. But can the two be stacked or used together to create the ultimate Pokemon storm?

Yes and no. Here’s the lowdown:

Can you place a Lure Module, then use an Incense and get double Pokemon?

Nope. You cannot benefit from both at the same time if the Lure and Incense are yours.

Can you use an Incense and stand next to someone else’s Lure Module for double Pokemon?

Yes! Because the Module is not yours, you will get the bonus effects of both items.

Can you use multiple Incense on yourself?

Nooo. Only one Incense effect can be active at a time. Consuming an additional one will just reset your 30 minute buff timer.

Can you use multiple Lures on one PokeStop?

Negative. Only one Lure can be active on a PokeStop at a time.

Can you stand near a cluster of PokeStops with Lure Modules and get benefits from each?

Yep. Multiple PokeStops with Lures can be close enough to create an area of multi-Lure power.


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