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No Man’s Sky Receives Slight Delay on PC


No Man’s Sky Receives Slight Delay on PC

Just a little longer.

As we edge closer and closer to the hotly anticipated launch of No Man’s Sky, fans have discovered that the game’s PC release date has been quietly pushed back by three days.

According to the “About” page on No Man’s Sky’s website, the game will be available for PC worldwide on August 12th, 3 days after the North American launch date for PlayStation 4 on August 9th.

This recent delay hasn’t been officially announced by Sony or Hello Games, but the game was expected to hit PC on the same day as the PS4 North American release.

A screenshot from just last week of the same “About” page, showing these now altered release dates, can be viewed here.

No Man’s Sky will also release on PlayStation 4 in Europe on August 10th, one day after the initial North American launch.

Hello Games or Sony have yet to comment on the news relating to this last-minute change.

This news follows the announcement that No Man’s Sky will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy on the PlayStation 4.



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