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Naruto Online: How to Increase Power Ranking


Naruto Online: How to Increase Power Ranking

Power Ranking in Naruto Online represents how strong you and your team of ninjas are. It combines a bunch of different factors to give you a total score. For some, the score may seem arbitrary, but that number actually unlocks other things for you in the game, such as very useful rewards which can include Ninja Fragments.

There are several ways to increase your Power Ranking, and they all revolve around making yourself stronger. The easiest way is to simply level up. Each time you level up, your stats will increase and so will your power. You’ll level up in Naruto Online naturally over the course of playing. There are plenty of missions and enemies waiting about for you to practice your skills on, so this will be the most guaranteed way of watching that score rise. However, while it is the easiest, it doesn’t yield the best results on its own.

Another way to increase this score in Naruto Online is to equip and upgrade items. Each piece of gear you and your teammates equip in the game boosts your stats, so raising their power directly raises your own. You’ll acquire gear for almost every mission you complete and be able to equip it to yourself or anyone who happens to be accompanying you. To upgrade gear, click the Strengthen tab on the bottom of the screen. You can then use your coins to power up all the gear you have equipped and even Beset Magatama (essentially jewels that can be slotted into your gear).

One thing to keep in mind is that your Power Ranking is made up of each individual ninja’s rating in your team. Only those currently active in your team count towards the score, so if you want to raise it, you’ll have to equip your most powerful recruited shinobi.

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