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Naruto Online: How to Get Ninja Fragments


Naruto Online: How to Get Ninja Fragments

Ninja Fragments are an invaluable resource in Naruto Online as they are needed to recruit powerful Shinobi to fight alongside you during your adventure. The thing is, they aren’t the easiest resource to stumble upon, but there are ways to nab some of these and build your roster.

One of the ways to earn Fragments is simply by playing through the story. You’ll earn rewards for clearing an instance and these tend to include Fragments for one of the major characters of that instance’s story. For example, the first instance earns you Sakura Fragments, and the second one earns you 30 for Haku.

Another way to earn some Fragments is through the 7 Day Pack. Every consecutive day you log in, you’ll earn rewards, and for the second day onward, you’ll earn Fragments for numerous Ninja. And you don’t get them in small amounts either, you’ll earn enough to recruit that Ninja right away. That isn’t something to scoff at, and definitely worth pursuing.

Bounties and Daily Quests are also helpful in collecting this item. You’ll have to face tough enemies and even deal with bosses, but it will be worth it when you look at your roster and see a sea of options to equip your lineup.

Increasing your power ranking is a way to earn yourself a few as well. As you level up, get new gear, and recruit more powerful ninjas, your power ranking will increase. Just click on the Benefit Hall then check out the Power Gift Pack tab for your rewards.

The final way you can earn a ton is through the Recruit tab where you can ‘un-seal’ treasures. You’ll need Seal Scrolls which can be obtained through daily rewards, the 7 Day Pack, mission rewards, and purchased through the shop. Using one of these scrolls has the chance to net you useful items, Fragments, or an actual Ninja ready to go. It can even help you get ahead of the curve by unlocking someone powerful very early on.


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